25 May is a glorious day in Lebanon

25 May 2018

Hadi Nasrallah

Today is the day when this small yet powerful oriental country made history and crushed the so-called “unbeatable army”.
On 25 May 2000, the Israeli occupation troops were forced out of the Lebanese territories by Hezbollah and other Lebanese resistance fractions after 22 years of an illegal Zionist occupation in south Lebanon.

Throughout the occupation, the Israeli militias along with their primary Lebanese ally, the traitorous “South Lebanon Army”, have committed horrendous crimes against the Lebanese people. They used illegal methods of torture and executions against civilians including children and women especially in the “Khiam prison” which was an Israeli detention center in south Lebanon used for torture.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported the use of serious human rights abuses in the facility.
After the liberation, the prison was turned into a museum but during the 2006 Lebanon-Israel War, the Israeli Air Force bombed and destroyed the center to hide the evidence of torture and mistreatment used there.

Watch this emotional videos of the moment Lebanese people freed their families from the Khiam prison amid the Israeli forces collapse in south Lebanon:

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Posted by ‎ذاكرة المقاومة‎ on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

For years south Lebanon was terrorized and almost ethnically cleansed until the people resisted. Not with boycotting, not with peace, not with resolutions, but with armed resistance, sacrifice, and blood. Israel had no choice but to withdraw its forces from Lebanon after suffering from heavy losses within its ranks.
Lebanon was finally liberated.

One of the countless Israeli crimes committed in Lebanon, the heartbreaking Qana massacre:
Read more here

I remember the liberation day like it was yesterday. Living under military occupation is not something a person can easily forget.
I remember the warplanes we use to hide from, the checkpoints we use to avoid, the soldiers we use to fear, the cries for the massacres constantly committed by the Israelis, the sounds of explosions and bombs I use to be terrified of and the dark hours inside bombshells. But what I can’t remember during my childhood is my hometown which was heavily occupied during that time since its located on the Palestinian-Lebanese Borders.

On the 25th of may 2000, I was on a school bus going back from a trip to the zoo in Beirut. Suddenly the bus stopped and all I saw was my parents running from the car and the teachers telling me to get off the bus. Normally I would panic and fear the worst so I asked what was going on and my mom screamed: “We are Free, the South is Free”.
I didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t know what she meant exactly but I was relieved to know there were good news.
While heading to south Lebanon I remember a very long traffic on the way and people were celebrating and waving flags.
The minute we reached our hometown the Israeli troops were still withdrawing but at that moment we were not afraid, we felt stronger and had more faith and we knew that the time of our defeat is over.

Today we stand stronger than before in the face of Zionist aggression and Israeli hostility knowing that our faith, resilience and unity will always be a knife in the hearts of enemies.
That day we thought humanity the true meaning of Freedom and how it is achieved.
But our freedom will never be complete without the freedom of neighbouring Palestine.

Hadi Nasrallah is an independent researcher based in Lebanon


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  1. Beautifull personal account of Lebanon liberation.

    Pan-Arabic unity in the Middle-East, like Gamal Nasser.

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