Syria condemns the assassination of President Alexander Zakharchenko

Syria condemned in strongest terms the terrorist act which led to the assassination of President of Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko, affirming that it is a coward act that poses threat to security and stability of that area.
Foreign Ministry at the Syrian Arab Republic condemns in strongest terms the terrorist act which led to the assassination of President of # Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko in a clear attempt to undermine the process of peaceful political settlement in Donbass area and the implementation of Minsk agreements,” an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.
The source added that the assassination of President of Donetsk Republic, who is one of the signatories of Minsk document for measures on solving the conflict in Donbass, is a coward act which threatens security and stability in that area.
The source went on to say that Foreign and Expatriates Ministry expresses deep condolences to the family of President Zakharchenko, and it also calls for conducting an urgent investigation into the crime and to punish those who perpetrated it and the parties which stand behind them.
It concluded by saying that adopting terrorist methods to achieve political goals is a condemned issue and it isn’t accepted on the ethical and legal levels according to the international law and the international resolutions on combating terrorism and that these methods should be stopped immediately.

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