Syrian refugees abandoning Europe (Video)

BBC international published a report on Zakariya, a Syrian refugee from Aleppo. Zakariya has been living in Germany for two years after he fled his home city. According to him, the integration has been difficult, and that the Germans view refugees as terrorists rather than Muslims.

Kevork Almassian comments on this report by shedding light on 3 important facts.



  1. Informative and interesting. Our caricature of Germans is that they are severe, disciplined and regulated people. A lot of Brits would run home, too.

  2. Very nice to hear that you are still in Germany for a while. I am still working on ways to make you known to the french audience and making some progress. I will be emailing you soon. I can’t bear hearing well known french journalists like Bernard Guetta spreading their lies on french public radio stations everyday. We need to do something about it!
    Keep up the great work Kevork!

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