The Timestamp that changed our lives (Video)

Syriana Analysis investigates the case of Todd Glassey, former Support Manager for SAM which is United Airlines Air Mechanics Program and Support Operations Member for HP-UX Operations.

Glassey explains the Flight Termination System (FTS) which is designed to take over any passenger plane if the pilot is incapacitated or the plane is hijacked. The answer to whether or not the FTS was in service on 9/11 and if the United Airlines or a third party had an access to this system during 2001 events remain a mystery.

Glassey’s story is not only confined to his previous job as support manager with the United Airlines but also in inventing a digital timestamp that is used today in many technologies including weapon systems.

According to Glassey, his Timestamp is not only used in the civil sector but also in the military sector. Could it be possible that his invention is being used in certain weapon systems and what are the consequences of that?

Glassey took his case to the international criminal court and to local courts in the US. Can he legally outweigh global companies and governments and correct the path that seems to be out of control?

If Todd Glassey’ case is real, and the International criminal court adopted his documents and eventually, he won the case, how could Glassey help humanity, especially that the invention has been used in potential crimes?

Investigation & production: Kevork Almassian
Assistant Editor: M. Karmy
Music by: Epidemic Sound

This investigation is sponsored and funded by the subscribers of Syriana Analysis; the Patrons and donors.

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