Watch: A brutally honest opinion on the war for Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh

Kevork Almassian: I can’t remember a day in the modern history of Armenia that is worse than losing most parts of the independent region of Artsakh. The Armenian genocide was a great tragedy but losing Artsakh paves the way for another ethnic cleansing of the Armenians not only today but also in the near future.

In short, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan signed a statement with Putin and Aliyev and handed over the dark brown regions, Agdam and Lacin to Azerbaijan.

Red remains in Armenian hands with the condition of securing the road from Yerevan to Stepanakert by Russian peacekeeping forces.

The worse thing in the deal is not only losing the territories but also opening a road between Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan. So NIKOL PASHINYAN didn’t only sign a surrender treaty but also signed the death penalty of the Armenians by opening a route between Nakhichevan and the rest of Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan may have spared some lives today, but he paved the way for the complete annihilation of the Armenians. If you can’t see how dangerous is the free access of Turkey to the Caspian Sea and how could this further isolate Armenia geopolitically then I cannot really help you, especially those who still defending Pashinyan.

Look, when the war erupted in Artsakh, I sided with Pashinyan the same way I sided with President Assad. Because in national wars, you put you differences aside and focus on the enemy.

But unlike Assad who refused to push us off the wagon, Pashinyan signed a surrender treaty and he went live streaming with a smile on his face and complaining about the protesters who broke in the government buildings in Yerevan.

In 2015, 70% of Syria was occupied by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other radical terrorist groups. Despite the US offer to Assad to compromise, surrender or even take refuge in Russia or Iran, the latter didn’t surrender, and he fought back till we re-captured the majority of our territories.

More than 100 countries fought against Syria, but we did not raise the white flags and I take the promise of Assad for granted: every inch of Syria will be liberated! That is how leadership looks like.

If Assad abandoned us in 2015, I would have called him a traitor, but he didn’t and Pashinyan should have learned something from Syria that military might is not the only factor in military outcomes.

And if the military is the only factor as Pashinyan has talked yesterday, then why did you sell your people the illusion that they are going to win!

Why only yesterday you were posting on Facebook that the battle for Shushi is not over and that we are going to be victorious!

You signed the surrender deal only after hours for the fall of Shushi!

I would like to deliver my message to the Armenians all around the world and I hope you listen to me carefully because frankly, the only thing I care about now is that we don’t loose Armenia in the future.

The Armenians revolted against the old and corrupted regime which kept Armenia poor and underdeveloped. The Armenians removed the pro-Russian oligarchies through a colour revolution and they installed a man who is not only anti-Russian but also wants to re-direct Armenia’s geopolitical position into NATO, the EU and the US.

The Russians considered this as crossing their red line!

In the last two decades, a few former Soviet countries tried the same Soros recipe of colour revolutions and they lost territories. In 2003, the Georgians declared the Rose Revolution and a shift to Western values, and they lost South Ossetia.

The Ukrainians again repeated the same thing in 2014 and declared the Euromaidan revolution and a shift to Western values and they lost Donbas and Crimea.

Some Armenians didn’t learn the lesson and they declared the Velvet revolution in 2018 and they lost most of Artsakh in 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen, geopolitics is a bitch. You can’t simply mess up in the backyard of Russia and install pro-western governments, especially in the last two decades when Putin is building a superpower and he will not tolerate such decisions in his sphere of influence.

Armenia is located in the Caucasus and not in Western Europe or North America. Deal with this fact.

I’m not saying that Armenians shouldn’t aspire for a better future, but you have to be careful in your geopolitical calculations. Azerbaijan was much smarter than Armenia and Aliyev knew that he will never capture Artsakh again unless he pushes for good relations with Moscow and he bought lots of weapons from Russia. On the other hand, the revolution in Armenia in 2018 raised anti-Russian slogans and Pashinyan opened the country entirely for Soros, USAID, The National Endowment for Democracy, etc etc.

You can’t simply open your country to these organizations and later expect Russian help. It doesn’t work that way. Therefore, the Armenians should blame themselves before blaming anyone else.

In politics, there are a few priorities that we shouldn’t cross, most notably is building strong state institutions, sovereignty and borders. When your country is still in a state of war and hadn’t gained its full sovereignty yet, you can’t pursue other priorities before securing your borders and sovereignty.

In the last two decades, Azerbaijan invested most of its money in buying sophisticated weapons, built a strong army and relations with the growing power of Russia. While the Armenian leaders were busy in looting their people and when the people they revolted against the oligarchs, they brought a person who angered Russia and therefore we have paid a huge price.

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