Watch: Assad from Idlib frontline: Erdogan is a thief and a slave to the US (Subtitles)

Syrian President Bashar Assad joined the Syrian Army on Tuesday morning on the frontline in Idlib countryside, namely in Habit and sent a few political and military messages to Turkey and the West.

Main points:

🔴 Erdogan is a thief .. he stole factories, wheat and oil .. Today he steals the land.

🔴 All areas in Syria are equally important, but what governs priorities is the military situation on the ground.

🔴 Idlib was an advanced outpost for them. The advanced outpost is usually on the front line, but in this case, the battle is in the east and the advanced outpost in the west to disperse the Syrian Arab Army.

🔴 We used and continue to say that the Idlib battle is the basis for resolving chaos and terrorism in all areas of Syria.

🔴 When we are subjected to aggression or theft we should stand with each other and coordinate among ourselves, but some Syrians did not do so, especially in the early years of the war. We told them not to bet on the outside, but on the army, the people and the homeland. But they have failed to listen .. And now their bet has moved to the Americans.

🔴 After all the antinatics that we have heard over the years from some, that they will fight and defend. However, what we saw recently is that within days the Turkish forces have occupied large areas that were supposed to be under their control as planned by the Americans.

🔴 The first thing we did at the beginning of the aggression in the north is to communicate with the various political and military forces on the ground. And we said we are ready to support any group that resists. It is not a political decision but a constitutional and national duty; if we don’t, then we don’t deserve the homeland.

Source: Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic

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