WATCH: Biden to allow Venezuelan oil to be shipped to Europe

Imagine country A produces oil, you are not going to drink it right? the normal thing to do is to sell it, make profits, and improve your economy and hence your people’s welfare. But what if there is a bulldog in the international community who barks at you, besieges you and bans you from selling your own oil and dictates others not to buy from you!?

This is not an imaginary example, but rather a real one. And it is not surprising in a unipolar international system policed by an empire that refuses to share its powers or let the rest of the world breathe without getting bullied or threatened.

Reuters reported this week that the United States will allow Venezuela to sell its own oil to Europe. To allow! Do you see the wording?

On what grounds and based on which law does the US bans Venezuela or any other nation to deal with other countries? I am asking a serious question. And do the “allies” of the US realize that the latter doesn’t care about their needs and interests?

But apparently now, after imposing the counterproductive sanctions on Russia and shooting their own legs, Europe is in desperate need of energy, and therefore the US “allows” them to buy oil from Venezuela but people familiar with the matter told Reuters that the oil “has to go to Europe. It cannot be resold elsewhere.” I guess only NATO member Turkey was allowed to buy Syria’s stolen oil by ISIS and resell it on the black market, right?

In any case, the volume of Venezuelan oil Italy and Spain will receive is expected to be fairly small with a minimal impact on oil prices around the world, while Russia is finding alternative markets in China, India and other Asian countries and selling oil with preferential prices, which will further boost the economies of the Chinese and Indian giants.

Contrary to the corporate media claims that the international community or the entire world is sanctioning Russia, most countries aren’t and especially in Asia and the global south and this policy is embraced by the people of these nations as well because they are sick and tired of Uncle Sam telling them how to live, what to do with their national resources and what type of governance suits them. Therefore, they perceive Uncle Sam as an old sick man who shouldn’t rule the world alone and give a chance for rising powers to be part of the international community for the sake of all nations instead of a few handful ones.

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