WATCH: Big Freudian Slip: George W. Bush decries the ‘invasion of Iraq’

Who hadn’t heard of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003? Back then, the establishment represented mainly by George W. Bush and Toni Blair propagandized the masses with the help of the mainstream media that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussain is minutes away from blowing up the region. So, the “civilized world” has to “free” not only the Iraqis from the tyrant but also everyone.

What happened afterwards in Iraq was hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, looting of national resources, sectarian tensions and a failed state. And the people who were responsible for the misery of millions of people are now lecturing us on international law and the legality of Russia’s offensive on Ukraine.

Former President George W. Bush was criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday when his old nemesis, the verbal slip, struck again. Bush eventually condemned Russia’s offensive on Ukraine — but not before he condemned “a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

As the Vital Mind Psychology page on Facebook said: “The karmic debt of our actions weighs heavily on our conscience and sometimes expresses itself through a Freudian slip. The ego justifies the behaviour but the subconscious rejects it. A Freudian slip like this reveals the inner conflict created within a person when they have sought to make a manifest lie and moral error into a virtue. Universal consciousness keeps an account of everything. It also reminds us when we are off course.”
Well, unfortunately, Sigmund Freud is unavailable today for comment, but George W Bush saying Iraq instead of Ukraine when condemning “a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” certainly suggests he still has a lot on his unconscious mind.

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