Watch: Despite war and sanctions, Syria builds its first anti-cancer drugs factory

Syria builds its first anti-cancer drugs factory. I find this topic very interesting for many reasons, most importantly because the ongoing war and sanctions against Syria didn’t stop science and research creativity.

The factory for manufacturing of anticancer drugs was inaugurated a few days ago at Adra Industrial City in Damascus Countryside. The same area which Islam’s Army has occupied for 6 years and the same town where the mentioned terrorist organization kidnapped tens of women and children and put them in cages and forced the men to dig tunnels in the city of Douma and burned others alive.
According to SANA, the factory is the first locally and Arab manufactured anticancer drugs, in which its production capacity reaches 6.000 vial and ampules per hour from the aseptic liquid line, and 12.000 capsules per hour.
Syria’s Health Minister Nizar Yazigi said that the factory produces Syria‚Äôs first manufactured anticancer drugs, indicating that number of authorized pharmaceutical laboratories reached at 96 laboratories, which cover over 90 percent of local market needs.
Speaking to SANA, the chief executive of the company Adnan Jaafu said that the factory will cover 70 percent of the total pharmaceutical varieties for chemical therapy and will cover the local market needs, and the rest production will be allocated for exportation.
Syria imports all medicine for the treatment for tumors, and vaccines from abroad, while the local production covers about 90 percent of the other pharmaceutical varieties of the local market needs.
It is worth to mention that Local and World Health Organization officials blame Western sanctions for severely restricting pharmaceutical imports in Syria which have hit children’s cancer treatment for several years.
The sanctions were preventing many international pharmaceutical companies from dealing with the Syrian authorities as well as hindering foreign banks in handling payments for imported drugs.
But now Syria has its own anti-drug factory. Sorry, I mean the evil Assad regime that enjoys killing children has inaugurated an anti-cancer factory that will cover the big part of Syria’s local market needs and will once again provide medicine to children dying of cancer, whereas the so-called civilized world imposes sanctions on the country and deprive children of medicine.
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