Watch: Erdogan is no friend of Europe

After fierce battles with the Turkish occupation forces and Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Syrian Army and the allies recaptured the strategic city of Saraqeb which is located on the M5 highway. This military offensive was very costly for the Syrian Army because the Turkish side used sophisticated attacking drones. However, the Syrian Army declared the closure of the air space over Idlib and sent short-range air defences to the north. Historically, Syria installed most of its air defences in the south because the main enemy is Israel, but since Erdogan declared his intention to re-establish the Ottoman empire and sent occupation troops to the north, it was of vital importance to protect the ground forces of the Syrian army against the second largest army in NATO.

Now, I want to focus on an issue that concerns the Europeans in general and the Germans in particular. Since 2011, Erdogan supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and opened Turkey’s airports for tens of thousands of multinational terrorists as a transit route to Syria. Not a single European official dared to talk about this issue although they know quite well that Erdogan has played a major role in the refugee crisis in Europe and therefore the rise of the far-right groups. These European officials always blame Putin, Assad and anyone except for Erdogan. Why?

Because Erdogan has a strong influence over European politics. Whenever a European country dares to criticize Erdogan, the later opens his borders for tens of thousands of refugees to flee to Greece and then to western Europe. Any rational person would call this a weaponization of the refugees. Last year, exactly on 28 February, I was interviewed by a German state TV and I told them that Erdogan is using the refugees as a Weapon of Mass Destruction against Europe. The German public TV twisted my words and told its audience that I portray the refugees as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Despite the lies of the German press, the German public now knows that I was right and the presstitutes were wrong. Ah, and by the way, presstitutes mean a journalist who works as a prostitute for his government. Last week, Erdogan opened Turkey’s borders with Europe and a big wave of refugees are on their way to Europe, including militants and terrorists. Erdogan is clearly not a friend of Europe or the Europeans, but the officials of Europe have no guts to repel the megalomaniac. For example, instead of condemning Erdogan for destabilizing Europe, the German foreign minister criticized the offensive of the Syrian Army and Russia against internationally designated terrorist groups and called for a ceasefire with the terrorists and expressed sympathy with Erdogan. Even in the current clown-world, you would be hard-pressed to find a worse statement than this. What’s wrong with the European officials? What’s wrong with the German officials? I may understand that Turkey is a NATO country and the other member states should show support, but what if Turkey is harming you, blackmailing you, terrorizing you. Is this a kind of ally Europe wants to have?

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