WATCH: Gonzalo Lira has gone missing in Ukraine, this is how you may help!

Kevork Almassian – Gonzalo Lira López, a 54-year-old Chilean-American who was reporting from Kharkov since the start of the war, has not been heard from since Friday (15 March 2022. You may help him by contacting the Foreign Ministry of Chile:

When the war erupted in Ukraine, we came across a citizen journalist on Twitter, his name is Gonzalo Lira Lopez, a 54-year-old Chilean-American based in Kharkov.

Gonzalo presents a different picture of the Ukraine war, a picture that contradicts the mainstream narrative. Thanks to his reporting, Gonzalo gained tens of thousands of followers thirsty for reading the other side of the story.

However, Gonzalo knew that he is risking his life by reporting not only from Ukraine, but also from one of the Nazi headquarters, and that is Kharkov.

It was only a matter of time for the mainstream media to discover Gonzalo and on 20 March 2022, the Daily Beast published a hit-piece on Gonzalo calling him a “pro-Putin shill”.

Gonzalo said if anything happens to him, the Daily Beast is to be blamed.

On 28 March, He also posted a list of names of either detained or murdered journalists and politicians, saying “if you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list.”

Kevork Almassian who experienced similar smear campaigns in the past says, “from my personal experience, as someone who has been smeared and countless smear pieces were posted about me by local and international media, I know how the establishment press works when they want to assassinate someone, whether a character assassination or physical.”

Syriana Analysis calls upon the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act immediately and check on its national in Ukraine and secure his well-being. You may mention/tag the ministry on Twitter here.

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