WATCH: Hillary Clinton: we have to keep arming Ukraine!

If you were still confused about the Ukraine war, I brought you a video that may help you make up your mind. Hillary war criminal Clinton, the ugly face woman who unleashed death upon the Libyan and Syrian people, helped turn Libya into an open-air slave market and knowingly sided by Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, has something to say on Ukraine, and at this point, I believe any media outlet that gives a platform to this blood-thirsty character is complicit with her crimes.

What Hillary Clinton forgot to mention was, that the last time the US funnelled weapons and funding to radical militants to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, has created Islamist terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda that eventually turned Afghanistan into a radical wasteland and killed and displaced millions of innocent people.

So, if Hillary Clinton thinks we have forgotten this, we are here to remind you that sending all this weaponry to Ukraine will eventually end up in the hands of the Azov Battalion, just like they ended up in the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria only a few years ago and helped the establishment of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the eighties.

So, be careful Ms. Clinton of what you sow because your allies will harvest. I mean if you care at all.

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