Watch | Israel attacks Syria, again! (01 July 2019)

Since the creation of Israel in 1948, the Middle East has witnessed continuous wars and behind many of these wars stands Israel. In 1956, Israel alongside France and Britain attacked Egypt because the former President Jamal Abdul Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. In 1967, Israel once again attacked Egypt and Syria and occupied a large swath of Arab territories, including the Golan Heights that the UN and the entire world, except Trump, recognize it as Syrian land.

In 1973, Damascus and Cairo tried to liberate the occupied lands, but the treason of former President of Egypt aborted the military mission, and Syria was able to liberate only Qunaitra.

In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon and occupied the southern parts of the country until 2000. Later in 2006, Israel again invaded Lebanon but this time Hezbollah was able to resist the occupation forces and forced them to withdraw.

In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014 and until this moment, Israel continuously bombs the Gaza strip.

Between these wars, Israel urged the USA to remove Saddam Hussain from power, and still urging the US to remove President Bashar Assad and topple the Iranian government.

I’m already tired of counting the Israel wars against Arab states, if I forgot any please post it in the comments.

Now let’s move to what happened in the midnight. Israel sent fighter jets into the Lebanese air space, violated the Lebanese sovereignty and from there fired tens of rockets and missiles on Syria, killing scores of civilians including children and infants.

Yes, of course, Israel targeted military posts but the question remains, is it legal to bomb other countries military installations, especially the air defence systems as Israel did yesterday?

Among the many posts that Israel targeted in Damascus and Homs, only one post belonged to Hizbollah in Homs. So, the Israeli narrative that Iran and Hizbollah pose threat to Israel from Syria is not accurate because 1- Homs is in central Syria and not near the borders with the occupied Golan Heights and 2- most of the targets were Syrian, not Iranian or Hizbollah.

This attack, just like the tens of attacks before, will not be reported accurately by the mainstream media and there will be no urgent UN security council meeting to condemn Israel.

Israel simply enjoys impunity that no other country has.

Now, as for the people calling for military retaliation against Israel, I will ask you a simple question: do you think it is wise for country A to go to war with country B while country A is already in a huge war fighting against global terrorism and if it goes to another war, the entire western world plus most Arab countries will stand with country B?

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