Watch: Israel Strikes Syria Again (20 Novemeber 2019)

Israel once again conducted several air raids on SAA positions in southern and south-western regions of Damascus. The main targets were arms depots belonging to the SAA, not to the Iranian revolutionary guard as the Israeli occupation army claimed. But, who cares? The media will parrot the Israeli narrative without further investigation or questioning the legality of conducting airstrikes on a sovereign state, that has the right to have its own army, weaponry and defence systems.

According to Al-Masdar News, which has good sources in Syria, the Israeli Air Force targetted last night an entire air defence storage that belongs to the SAA, which means the Israeli army has actually tried to destroy Syria’s defensive capabilities, not even offensive weaponry, let alone an Iranian site.
On February 2018, an Israeli F-16 was shot down by the Syrian air defences after conducting an air raid on SAA positions inside Syrian territory. Since then the Israeli occupation air force refrains from penetrating the Syrian air space. Instead, it strikes Syria from the Lebanese air space or from the occupied Golan Heights.
Yesterday, for instance, the Israeli Air Force launched the strikes from the southern border of Lebanon near the town of Marjeyoun. That means Israel violated not only the Syrian sovereignty but also the Lebanese sovereignty too. However, the Lebanese army doesn’t have air defence systems and it is forbidden to purchase the weaponry for self-defence because the US always foils through its proxies in Lebanon, namely the March 14 coalition to purchase defensive weaponry from Iran or Russia or China. And the weapons that the US and France sell to Lebanon are either almost unusable or there is an article in the contract that bans Lebanon from using the weapon against Israel, even if Israel was invading Lebanon. This could explain, in part, the presence of a strong non-state actor, such as Hizbollah in Lebanon, who has better and more sophisticated arms than the Lebanese army. Consequently, Lebanon is called Syria’s soft or weak loin and for this reason, in the early nineteen hundred eighties, the SAA deployed SAM batteries in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon.
Now, let’s back to yesterday’s attack. Some friends and followers are asking me why Russia is not helping Syria in detecting the flight route of the Israeli air force. In fact, Russia supplied Syria with sophisticated air defence systems, including the Pantsir S-1 and S300, but the later hadn’t been used yet and I believe it is Syria who is not using the sophisticated weaponry because Damascus wants to keep the element of surprise for the Zero hour. Additionally, the Syrian radars can detect every civil and military jet departing from Ankara, Baghdad, Amman, Beirut and Tel Aviv, so there is no need for special Russian help in this regard, but we have to know that Israel is flying its fighter jets almost every day and conducting manoeuvres and fake strikes and of every 10 or 20 fake strikes, a few strikes hitting Damascus and its surroundings. The SAA is intercepting most of the missiles and some of them are also reaching their destination, as it happened yesterday.
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