WATCH: Mrs. Asma al-Assad receives excellent students and their families

SANA- 111 excellent students, of the basic and secondary certificate schools in 2021, came along with their families, from different Syrian provinces as Mrs. Asma al-Assad received them in an appointment which is renewed every year with Syria’s distinguished youth.

“You are our hope in a better future… you are the generation Syria is working out on… you are excellent who have obtained the full marks for which any distinguished students aspire,” Mrs. Asma said in her speech with the students and their families.

She added that the national awareness is built on “our faith and amity to our country, but the most important thing is to understand this, there were a lot who have liked their country, but they were not able to help it because they haven’t understood its circumstances or its society, what is important is to “continue in the same determination, clearness and vision to achieve your targets.”

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