WATCH: NATO’s Unspoken Plot Against Germany

Since the beginning of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, there has been a great emphasis by Western countries on Germany’s relations with Russia; If Germany won’t stop buying Russian gas, it should face sanctions too! Titled the British Telegraph.

Although Germany is highly dependent on Russian gas, oil and coal for the sustainability of its economy, it seems the so-called allies of Berlin do not care less about the economic crisis that is already hitting Germany.

But this behaviour towards Germany is not new; in 1941, Senator Harry Truman said: “If we see that Germany is winning, we ought to help Russia. And if Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany. And that way let them kill as many as possible […].”

It seems to geopolitical experts that the policy of Washington for decades has been in the words of Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary-General: “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”. And with the departure of Angela Merkel and the ascendence of the anti-industrialists, aka the Greens to power, who is leading the campaign of boycotting the Russian gas, Germany may be heading towards deindustrialization, which achieves the American goal: keep Germany down and under the absolute influence of the US because nothing threatens the American led unipolarity more than close relations between Berlin and Moscow.

Germany for American decision-makers is one of the land bridges that include France, Poland and Ukraine, and through these countries, the US enjoys access to the heart of the world, as Zbigniew Brzeziński calls.

Therefore, any slight resistance to the American absolute hegemony over these three countries, in the form of buying gas from Russia, means the US’s attempt to reach the heart of the world and weaken Russia to the extent of fragmentation is obstructed.

In the same context, let us not forget that Macron, who was recently re-elected has the ambition of becoming the strongman of the EU and with the departure of Germany’s ironwoman, Macron wants to hit two birds with one stone: harm Russia and weaken Germany.

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