WATCH: Russia and China are the biggest threats to open societies – George Soros

Kevork Almassian – Hate them or like them, oligarchic billionaires are increasingly investing in the public arena. For good or bad, their influence over our lives is becoming more apparent especially after the Corona era, when billionaires perceived the pandemic as an opportunity to increase their wealth and status as non-state actors.

Besides Bill Gates and his controversial investments in medicine, media outlets, farms and food companies, there is another figure whose name gained popularity in the past three decades, and that is the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, the godfather of open society initiatives and spreading neoliberalism among the people around the world.

There are many conspiracy theories about Soros, but the undeniable fact is that he invests hundreds of millions in ex-Soviet Union countries, the Middle East and Africa, far east Asia and in regions where the US wants to impose its hegemony. One of the countries that Soros sent millions to is Ukraine, where Soros’s Open Society has contributed around a quarter billion dollars in grants to Ukraine to support democratic practices, human rights, and independent journalism

After watching these videos, I’d like to ask: who elected George Soros and other billionaires to control and change the destinies of peoples and countries?

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