WATCH: Russia to Receive Hundreds of Iran’s Combat Drones – White House

Since the end of World War Two, the United States adopted a policy of blocking political or economic projects that may lead to a sort of unity or integration of the Eurasian mainland under the leadership of a non-American power because according to American geopolitical theorists, this will isolate Great Britain and the US from their Eastern Hampshire.

Traditionally, the American policy was aimed at Russia or China but nowadays we can see that it is aimed at both countries at the same time, a policy that American geopolitical experts warned of because it may lead to closer ties between Moscow and Beijing, which is happening today in front of our eyes.

Attempts for Eurasian integration don’t stop at Russia and China as big rising powers are increasingly harmonizing their policies with the promising project, including India and Iran. But for the purpose of today’s video, I will focus on Iran which is considered the third pillar of the Eurasian project.

After years of cooperation and competition in different hotspots in the Middle East, it seems that the Syrian war has opened new horizons for cooperation and coordination between Iran and Russia, and both nations realized that they cannot counter the US hegemony alone. And since the Ukraine war proved that the US and its allies aren’t interested in sharing the powers and rebuilding a multipolar international system, cooperation between Tehran and Moscow has accelerated and if the latest US claims are true, Iran is prepared to supply Russia with hundreds of drone aircraft, including advanced models capable of firing missiles.

According to US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, the planned delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles could provide a significant boost to Moscow’s efforts to find and destroy Western-supplied artillery and other weapons systems that have slowed the advance of Russian troops in recent weeks.

Sullivan also claimed that Iran is prepared to train the Russians on how to use the weapons, with initial training sessions set to begin as soon as this month.

If the news is accurate, I could say this is a significant upgrade in Moscow-Tehran relations which are advancing in parallel with Moscow – Beijing and Beijing – Tehran relations.

And here lies the question: is the Biden administration honest with its claims or is Washington trying to sabotage the nuclear talks with Iran? Because if they are true, we will witness a major step toward further integration of rising powers in the Eurasian region. 

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