WATCH: The CIA is Helping Ukraine Fight Russia – The New York Times

Kevork Almassian – Remember those Russian bounties for dead U.S. troops? Let me refresh your memory. When he was campaigning for president, Joe Biden treated it as a fact that US intel agencies had determined Russia had paid the Taliban to kill Americans in Afghanistan.

Well, guess what. This allegation was apparently false and it was used by Biden for electoral purposes against Donald Trump. However, after becoming President, the Biden administration made it clear that the CIA’s intelligence on the matter was far from conclusive, acknowledging that analysts labelled it “low to moderate confidence.”

Low confidence means the analysis was based on questionable or implausible information or information too fragmented or poorly corroborated to make solid conclusions.

But do you know who’s actually doing the dirty work and bragging about it now? It is the CIA that provided intelligence that helped Ukrainian forces locate and strike the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet last month. The targeting help, which contributed to the eventual sinking of the Moskva, is part of a continuing classified effort by the Biden administration to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine.

The US has also provided intelligence about Russian units that has allowed Ukrainian forces to target and kill Russian generals who have died in action in the Ukraine war, according to senior American officials.
The intelligence sharing is part of a stepped-up flow in US assistance that includes heavier weapons and tens of billions in aid and this is a sign that the Biden administration is willing to escalate with complete disregard to the blowbacks that Ukraine and even the US might receive in Eastern Europe… which brings me to the conclusion: when I was studying international relations, I was told one of the reasons nations go to war is the miscalculation of the leader. Back then, I thought this can’t be true anymore in the 21st century but apparently, I was wrong.  

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