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The coronavirus pandemic that officially started in late 2019 has harvested the lives of thousands of people around the world. I’m no medical expert, so I’m not going to address the outbreak of the virus from a medical perspective. However, I want to share with you my observations regarding the handling of some governments with the virus.

Totalitarianism & Liberal Democracies

During the times of hardships such as the outbreak of a dangerous virus, the totalitarian governments or the ones that control most of the aspects of life are usually faster in taking crucial decisions such as closing borders, closing public and private sectors, schools, universities, quarantine an entire city like Wuhan, etc.

Despite the many inefficiencies of totalitarianism, these governments can force effective measures without resorting to bureaucratic procedures, unlike the liberal democracies that were very slow and floundering in making life-saving decisions. This is in no way a propagation of totalitarianism; it is just an observation that we need to note.


Some European leaders spread panic among their people, and I don’t know if this is done intentionally or not. For example, Merkel claims that according to experts, between 60 to 70 per cent of the residents of Germany might get the coronavirus. 70 per cent means over 55 million people and if we implement a 3% death rate, that’s over 1.5 million deaths!

Let’s suppose these numbers are true and Merkel is been told by researchers that tens of millions of people might get the virus, if I’m the leader of a country, I should calculate the pros and cons of stating something very scary to the people. So, who benefits from spreading panic?

It is very unlikely that the outbreak will be contained soon in Europe, but the attitude of the European leaders is very worrying. For example, Boris Johnson warns the public to prepare to lose loved ones to coronavirus. The educational impact of these statements is zero. So what is the real purpose behind spreading fear among the people?

Herd Immunity

As most of the world tries to suppress the coronavirus spread, some countries are trying to manage the pandemic through the so-called “herd immunity”.

Herd immunity means letting a large number of people catch a disease, and hence develop immunity to it, in order to stop the virus spreading.

However, Azra Ghani, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College London said: “We were expecting herd immunity to build. We now realize it’s not possible to cope with that.”

According to a report by a team of experts who have been advising the UK government, London realized in the last few days that attempts to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic would not work and that its Coronavirus strategy would likely result in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Therefore, the UK needed to shift to a strategy to suppress the outbreak. However, the question remains: shall we consider this a governmental failure to deal with the virus or is this an intentional approach? Conspiracy theorists claim that capitalist governments have been intentionally slow in making tough decisions, noting that since the virus will not kill the younger generation and those with good health, the goal was to get rid of those who constitute an economic burden on the state and society.

The origins of Covid19

After collecting samples of the genome in China, medical researchers conclusively demonstrated that the virus did not originate at the seafood market in Wuhan but had multiple unidentified sources, after which it was exposed to the seafood market from where it spread everywhere.

According to the Global Times, a new study by Chinese researchers indicates the novel coronavirus may have begun human-to-human transmission in late November 2019 from a place other than the seafood market in Wuhan.

The study reveals the new coronavirus was introduced to the seafood market from another location or locations, and then spread rapidly from the market due to a large number of close contacts.

In February 2020, the Japanese Asahi news report claimed the coronavirus originated in the US, not in China, and that some (or many) of the 14,000 American deaths attributed to influenza may have in fact a result of coronavirus.

Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists and pharmacologists have determined that the new coronavirus could have originated in the US. The natural biological development of Corona Virus requires five different types of viruses, all present in the US. China has only one of them and this branch cannot exist by itself but must have grown from a tree.

The true face of the U.S.

While China sends medical aid and experts to help fellow world citizens, the Trump administration reportedly offered German scientists a billion dollars for rights to a coronavirus vaccine that would be only for the Americans. The German government said the reports were accurate and country’s economy minister Peter Altmaier reacted saying “Germany is not for sale”. The Trump administration, however, said claims the US would not share the vaccine had been „wildly overplayed.“

This example alone reveals the inhuman face of the successive US administrations and all their lies about human rights and protecting innocent lives. During such hardships, we have seen the real face of the US who not only wants to keep the vaccine exclusive for its citizens in exchange for a huge amount of profits but also continues imposing harsh economic sanctions on countries such as Iran and Syria, which makes it difficult for them to purchase the medical supplies needed to tackle the virus.

Yesterday, the US increased the sanctions against Iran while its 83 million population faces Corona Virus catastrophe. It is probable that a large majority of Americans would absolutely support easing or lifting the sanctions during this humanitarian crisis, especially if they watch an unbiased report on the dire humanitarian situation in Iran. That is why Syriana Analysis is here to bring this factual information to you.

We can defeat Coronavirus

For the first time since the global coronavirus outbreak began, China has reported no new domestic cases of the illness. Only eight deaths were reported for Wednesday, all of which occurred in Hubei province, which includes the city of Wuhan where the pandemic began. Netizens hailing Wuhan the safest place in the world against Corona.

Which means, if China did it, your country can overcome this too. But humanity must come together and stop politicians from making profits out of the crisis. I’m sure we will make it through this, keep your heads up and stay strong.

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