Watch: The problem of Islamist radicalism in Europe

My sincere condolences to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, the Middle East and Nagorno Karabakh. The enemy is one which is takfiri terrorism, but the treatment of this cancer differs from one place to another. In this video, we will see together what went wrong with some Muslim youth and how to deal with the growing threat of terrorism.

First of all, let’s agree on the definition of terrorism: it is the use of violence to generate fear, and thereby to achieve political goals. Therefore, the murder of the French teacher in Paris and the attack in Vienna clearly fall under the category of terrorism and those who try to find excuses are simply terrorists too.

Fifty to sixty years ago, the Middle East and North Africa were impressed by the secular Pan Arabism and the people were generally more secular, progressive, and much less aggressive when someone criticized religion. However, this has changed gradually, especially after the death of the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the US support to the moujahidin in Afghanistan in the late seventies, the US and UK support to the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt, the US and Saudi support to the Chechen jihadists in Chechnya, the rise of the Petro-dollar which funded the establishment of thousands of Wahhabi schools called madrasas from North Africa till India and China and recently the CIA regime-change wars in Libya and Syria.

If you check each of these examples, you will realize that the USA and UK had a direct role in radicalizing the Arab youth, in order to weaken the secular Pan Arabist movements who considered to be hostile to the US interests in the region.

Hillary Clinton clearly said that the terrorists the US is fighting today are same Washington has supported for years against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The same goes for Syria, where the CIA funded, trained and supported hardcore jihadists in cooperation with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in order to topple Assad.

Similarly, in Libya, where Qaddafi was removed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups after a NATO bombardment campaign which turned one of the most prosperous countries in Africa into an open-air slave market for black Africans.

But why some Arabs and Muslims are joining these regressive and radical groups? There is no clear-cut answer to this question, and it is very complicated, but a set of reasons may explain this phenomenon:

  • Number one reason is the failure of Pan Arabists in their struggle against US imperialism and the Israeli occupation of Arab lands. Hence, the Islamists came to present themselves as a viable alternative. However, if we dig into the roots of these groups, we will conclude that the Islamist groups were mainly pumped by the UK and the US, especially in Egypt and Syria. You can watch a video I made about this issue here.
  • Number two reason is the desperation of the Arab youth and the absence of hope in building a decent life for them and their family in their own countries. And the reasons for that are mainly due to corruption and looting their resources by imperialist powers.
  • The rise of the Petro-dollar which took Islam a hostage and embedded the religion of Islam with radical ideologies such as Wahhabism and the Muslim brotherhood. For years, Saudi Arabia radicalized with money and indoctrination millions of Muslims, and this process happened with the blessing of the US.

Recently, Saudi Arabia claimed that it no longer wants to radicalize the Muslims with the ominous ideology of Wahabism but Qatar and Turkey have filled the vacuum and since the Arab Spring, both Doha and Ankara have taken over the process of radicalization.

We can clearly see this in the recent conflict between France and Turkey and how Erdogan is using Islam in order to weaponize some of the migrants in France and in Europe in general. Erdogan clearly warned Europeans in 2017 that they will not walk safely on the streets if the diplomatic row continues.

Similarly, the Qatari royal family-owned Al-Jazeera has launched a brutal campaign against Macron, in a bid to demonize the latter. However, Al-Jazeera misquoted Macron on several occasions in order to mobilize the Islamic public opinion against him. It is very important to note that Al-Jazeera is a pro-Muslim Brotherhood media outlet and everything the channel reports serve the Turkish and Qatari interests in the region and abroad.

Macron was not alone in criticizing radical Islamists, but Chancellor Merkel joined him and said Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing Germany, but Al-Jazeera again distorted Merkel’s statement and claimed that the German leader accused Islam of terrorism. Some might underestimate these media provocations but anyone who knows Al-Jazeera’s influence and its ability in brainwashing will interpret this campaign as a green light to the radicals in Germany to commit terrorist attacks.

For years, Merkel’s government was embedded with the destructive policies of Qatar and Turkey in the Middle East, which were the primary reason for the refugee crisis in Europe. I hope Germany and the Germans wake up to this bitter truth before it is too late.

Most Muslims are peaceful and want to have a decent life. But the current governments in the EU like the radicals and support them in our countries in the Middle East and North Africa to advance their foreign policy goals. But supporting the radicals in this region, which borders Europe is a very dangerous game that sooner or later will backfire. For example, the colleagues of the radical terrorists who commit heinous crimes in Europe are referred to as rebels by Merkel’s government in Syria.

I believe that Islam is hijacked by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. And all these three countries, along with Islam, are promoting the ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabism to push their interests. Therefore, there should be a strict ban in Europe on Islamic centers financed by these countries.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Arabs were much more secular than today, because at that time secular pan-Arabism dominated the Middle East and North Africa, but many Western governments fought against these secular regimes by strengthening the radical Islamists.

It is time for the western governments to stop supporting the radicals in our region for geopolitical reasons, in order to pave the way for the progressives to bloom and build strong state institutions which will have a great impact on the livelihood of the people and hence save them from poverty and misery.

I’m not saying the responsibility lies only on the western governments, we have our own mistakes but the meddling of the west in our internal affairs only leads to further misery and radicalization and it is time for this to stop.

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