WATCH: This doesn’t look good for America and the EU

Are the American and European elites honest and transparent with their people? Well, according to them, their foreign policy is based on two pillars; values and order.

Although these elites have engaged in numerous violations of international law and human rights, such as in Vietnam, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and a long list of nations, they constantly claim to be champions of rules-based international order and values-based politics.

Based on these ideal values, the US and the EU say they boycotted Russian energy and imposed sanctions because the latter has engaged in unlawful acts, particularly the offensive on Ukraine. Therefore, the EU has to pursue its energy needs in countries that respect international law, such as… Qatar and Azerbaijan.

Qatar which Biden designated as a major non-NATO ally is a major sponsor of regressive Islamist groups in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and also a major sponsor of notorious terror groups such as Al-Nusra Front and ISIS.

Was it not for Qatar and its media mouthpieces, would the terror groups have a major platform to promote their terroristic cause?

So, Qatar which bans political parties and other political groupings, and supports terrorism is aligned with their so-called values and can be a partner to the western elites.

Azerbaijan which Ursula von der Leyen called a “reliable partner” is rated Not Free by Freedom House and ranked hundred and fifty-four out of hundred and eighty by Reporters Without Borders which says President Ilham Aliyev, who has served as president since 2003, has wiped out any semblance of pluralism, and since 2014, he has sought ruthlessly to silence any remaining critics.

While Azerbaijan unleashed a brutal war and ethnic cleansing campaign in late 2020 against the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh and later opened a war park in Baku to mock the thousands of Armenian victims, no one, literally no one among the political elites who claim to be champions of human rights have blinked an eye. Instead, they want to bolster relations with the authoritarian regime in Baku which will further embolden the rule of Aliyev and hence further endanger the existence of the Armenians there.

So, are the western elites honest and transparent with their people and the rest of the world? You judge.

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