Watch: What do you do if you were bombed, slaughtered & colonized for decades?

I usually create videos in order to inform you about the latest developments in Syria and abroad. But since most of the views on this channel are from western countries and since Israel bombed Syria yesterday again, I want to pose some questions to you.

Imagine you were born in the MENA region and since decades you have been a victim of continuous occupations, aggressions and colonialism. What do you do if one day somebody knocked on your door and said: hey, this home and your farm is now mine because my holy book says so? What do you do if you were kicked out of your land and when you resist, your entire home is bulldozed? What do you do if you were forced to live under the occupation and treated as a second class citizen? What do you do if another nation imposed sanctions and killed half a million infants in your country? What do you if this nation occupied your land and killed hundreds of thousands of people? What do you do if a group of nations turned your country into an open-air slave market? What do you do if a socialist country told you that the capitalist system is evil, and you have to adopt socialism or else? What do you do if another nation dropped tens of thousands of bombs over your heads and claims it is freeing you from tyranny? What do you do if other nations sent weapons to the opposition and exported tens of thousands of jihadists to your country and claim they are exporting democracy? What do you do if your neighbouring country bombs your arm depots every time you achieve major advance against the jihadists? What do you do if country X recognized American New Mexico as an integral part of Mexico? What do you do if your neighbour is bombing you regularly and then plays victim? Do you resist? Do you say no? do you hate the aggressor? Do you try to protect yourself by acquiring deterrent weapons such as nuclear weapons? Can any nation attack North Korea today? Don’t you want to be safe from all these by having the only weapon that keeps the aggressor away? It is crazy, right? But think about the questions I asked, try to imagine the scenarios that I mentioned and tell me: what do you do?

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