Watch: What does Trump’s departure mean for Syria?

The title of the video is Trump is gone. Well, he is not officially gone and there could be a legal procedure against the election results but let’s suppose he is gone and discuss together what does it mean for Syria.

A lot has happened during the era of Trump administration in Syria and he has taken many decisions that directly affected the lives of the Syrians. But has Trump done any good for Syria?
I brainstormed a lot and concluded that Trump has done one good thing for Syria and the rest were bad.
In July 2017, Trump has ended the CIA’s clandestine programme to provide weapons and supplies to the radical jihadi groups in Syria, which were called during the era of Obama administration as “moderate rebels” who were nothing but takfiri terrorists who won’t hesitate to fly planes in American buildings and behead Syrians, Americans, Europeans and Armenians.
Trump made his decision after a meeting in the Oval Office with National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster and CIA Director Mike Pompeo and before he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Germany in July 2020.
The argument of US officials under Trump was that there had long been doubts about the programme’s effectiveness and despite a lengthy vetting process, some rebels had defected to ISIS and other jihadist groups. The CIA-backed groups have also been targeted repeatedly by Russian air strikes, which began in September 2015.
Stopping the CIA programme of supporting these radical jihadists has certainly helped Syria’s battle against the terrorists who were occupying large swaths of Syrian territories. But Trump didn’t give this service to Syria on a golden plate, he simply shifted the financing of these groups to another proxy group called the Syrian democratic forces (SDF), which is a fancy brand for the Kurdish YPG, in addition to very few militants from other ethnicities.
Trump also couldn’t implement his promise to withdraw US occupation forces from Syria, instead he ordered looting half of Syria’s gas and energy resources in the eastern shores of Euphrates and invested the revenues in financing the US troops in Syria and the salaries of the SDF militants.
Additionally, Trump signed Caesar “Syrian Civilian Protection Act” of 2019 and pushed the ordinary people into poverty and devastation.
As you see, Trump was not an angel, but he managed the war his predecessor Obama, Biden and Clinton started in a way that serves the US and Israeli interests and that’s why he bombed Syria after the alleged chemical attacks in Khan Shaykhoun and Douma, which were proven later to be a big hoax.
Trump also gave the occupied Golan Heights to Israel and he was even thinking of assassinating President Assad.
So, for the Syrians, Trump’s only good decision was stopping the CIA programme of supporting the hardcore jihadists. Other than that, he inflicted heavy pain to the Syrians. Therefore, those who claim that pro-Assad activists are sad for Trump’s lose are simply uninformed or simply trolling on social media. The sadness of the Syrians is simply because the Americans have elected a war criminal who enabled the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria and caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
So, I don’t really understand those who are celebrating the win of Biden. It is one thing to be happy for the removal of Trump from the oval office but it is another thing to celebrate a war criminal maniac who enabled the radical jihadists in Syria who not only killed tens of thousands of Syrians but also they fight today alongside Azerbaijan against the Armenians of Artsakh.

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