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I don’t know how to begin this video. You know, I usually talk about geopolitical issues but recently I was following the lectures and interviews of Dr Jordan Peterson, who I’m sure most of you already know him, he is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

He is a quite controversial figure lately, because what he is saying breaks the cultural/ideological dominant status quo, that western radical left is trying to impose on the societies, and those who don’t agree with their narrative are simply excluded, isolated or publicly bashed.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Syrian of Armenian origins. I grew up in an Armenian Christian family and was most of my life a left-wing person. But currently, I don’t categorize myself a left wing, right wing, centrist, progressive, etc. In my humble opinion, our consciousness should be the driving force for deciding where should we stand, depending on the situation. So, in certain examples, I lean more towards the left and in other issues towards the right.

But lately, I started to really envy the people who claim to own the absolute truth. Such as those who belong to religious, philosophical or ideological groups and are damn confident that their beliefs are 100% true. I mean how can they be so confident! I envy these people because they stop searching and asking questions. And eventually, they may be less stressed and more peaceful minded.

On the other hand, my brain is like a spider web and the thoughts flowing quickly, which is causing me mental exhaustion and sometimes a great depression.

The most important reason for this feeling is my failure to reach answers to some masculine, career and psychological related questions.

But some time ago, I began watching the lectures and interviews of Professor Jordon Peterson and I can say that Peterson’s arguments about masculinity, extreme feminism, motives of life and work, frustration and depression, some of these arguments touched my brain and created a sense of psychological and mental comfort because I found a few answers to some of the questions that were worrying me. He also confirmed some of my beliefs that I was not sure about or capable of defending them.

The most important thing that Professor Peterson has given me is the motivation to tell the truth, the truth that I believe in and to bear the consequences of believing and defending something. Peterson taught me that the words we utter have more impact than some people think, who does not stop asking me: Is it not enough headache for you? just stop challenging people with your arguments.

If the words I say have no effect or resonance, were we going see media empires with gigantic budgets trying to undermine my credibility, break me and terrorize me? The recent smear campaign against me by the German and Western media and behind them dozens of TV stations and websites funded by Qatar and Turkey, is a deliberate campaign aimed at creating a negative reaction in the German street, especially between the Arabs and refugees, so if I go to certain neighbourhoods, I would be stopped, smeared and sometimes to be physically assaulted by German and Arab extremists, whose intellectual capacity is limited to the cover of a book he or she has read 10 years ago or the title of an article on Facebook.

These violent people, who often affiliated to the left and the liberal trends in Germany are allied with their Syrian and Islamist counterparts, and they often come in mobs with no argument or logic other than uttering nonsense and high voice empty of any content.

This is one of the reasons why the European people gradually leaning to the conservative right because an important part of the European Left is establishing if not already established a tyrannical system based on ideological values. It excludes anyone who disagrees with them and groups them in false and provocative categorizations and sometimes puts them in economic prisons, so most of the grants and government and non-governmental funding are allocated mostly to projects belonging to individuals and organizations that believe in their ideology.

For example, since 2016 I applied twice to a scholarship that is granted only to 5 refugees per year for a Media Master programme. The surprising thing for me was the Academy has chosen 10 students, 5 each year, and none of them has half of my academic and work qualifications. When I checked the background of these ten students, nine of them perfectly fit into their pro-war and regime change category. You may ask me, what about that other one student. Well, I’m not going to mention the gender, he or she doesn’t perfectly fit into their beloved moderate rebel fairy tale, but he or she is a silent person and doesn’t share his or her opinion in public.

Another example I want to mention is, a Syrian friend of mine has a German girlfriend and both are really nice people. A while ago, I had a conversation with her, and she told me she is very happy to finally find a real man. My first reaction was: what do you mean by a real man?

She told me, I’m a very liberal woman but there is a pressure on men in my country to become more feminine and that really sucks. I’m as a woman, I need a man, a strong man, a man with a character, a man that can contain me.

I was really surprised, she certainly didn’t mean to generalize but I heard her concern, it is becoming more required for men in the west to be less men.

Look, in my personal experience with the ladies that I dated, this one thing was very common. They used to tell me: Kev, I love how you contain me. Whatever that means for them. And these ladies were pretty strong, well-educated and have good jobs. So, regardless of their competences, it seems to me that most women need a competent man on her side. We are not talking about physical strength here; it is simply a psychological issue. So, I agree with Dr Peterson that the attempt to abolish the differences that make men and women unique, resulting in more differences between both sexes.

One more example, just to further elaborate my point, I knew a middle eastern woman since 2013, she was quite conservative, and I still remember she told me several times about her attraction to masculine men. I’m not talking about any sort of toxic masculinity though. I believe, in 2016, she moved to Canada, studied there and has a decent job now. But she changed a lot and became a post-modern feminist. I really don’t mind if someone is a feminist or even a radical feminist. What really concerns me is, there is a certain pattern that I’m realizing in these so-called feminists that their temper is becoming very bad, they are losing the basic human skill of discussion and debate, and they are establishing a tyrannical environment that everyone should agree with them, or they are fascists. No fucking way! I am most certainly able to debate people about my beliefs without being irritated and provoked, so I don’t understand how these so-called feminists want people to support their cause while they are exclusionary and dictatorial. In her case, my sin was, I support the equality of opportunities for men and women, but I don’t think imposing the equality of outcome is a good idea. And then, why these so-called feminists ask for equality of outcome in certain professions such as politics, business, industry, etc but not in other professions such fighting in wars, mining, construction and so on? It seems to me that they have thirst in power not for equality.

Worse still, is the alliance of this western trend with political Islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to play with them the identity politics and thus increase their political weight. For example, in the United States, the Democratic Party played this game in 2016, the game of dividing people into groups based on their sub-identities; say Latinos, Arabs, Muslims, Gender, etc. This was one of the main reasons for their loss of the last elections.

But it seems they have not learned from this mistake and their European partners are playing the same game and thus contributing to the rise of conservative right-wing groups. Today I am talking about this issue because there is a great possibility that this change in the public mood in the west will most probably affect the lives of refugees and we may also see attempts to export this experience to our countries, so it is better to take lessons from the current experiences of the West before we fall into the same problem.

This is the book of Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules of Life, I will read it very critically and try to get the best out of it. I will put the link of his book in the description, in case you are interested.

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Kevork Almassian

Founder of Syriana Analysis

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