Watch: Why the UAE is moving closer to Syria?

The Crown Prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE’s Armed Forces, Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) tweeted yesterday that he discussed with President Assad on a phone call updates on the coronavirus, assuring that the UAE will support Syria during the humanitarian crisis.

In 2011, when the US regime change war erupted in Syria, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar played a pivotal role in destabilizing Syria through their mercenaries. However, after a few years, a big rift occurred between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the UAE stood with Riyadh.

The main disagreement between them was Qatar’s role in spreading the Muslin brotherhood ideology in the region and installing Muslim Brotherhood puppets in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, and Doha’s attempt to do the same thing in Syria, which in parallel, gives greater influence not only to Qatar but also to Turkey, which competes Saudi Arabia’s Sunni influence in the region.

The enthusiasm of Saudi Arabia and UAE to topple President Assad has decreased since 2018 and several diplomatic attempts have been made to restore ties between both sides. This happened mainly because:

-Qatar and Turkey had an upper hand over the Islamist terrorists in Syria

-Saudi Arabia and UAE lost most of the areas controlled by their proxies

-And Turkey’s military involvement in Syria which reminds the Arabs to the Ottoman empire that has spread to the MENA region through Syria.

Therefore, the Tweet of MBZ is a natural development after a series of events that changed the face of the struggle of power over Syria. And let’s not forget that the UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus in December 2019, so the Tweet of MBZ on the Coronavirus is nothing but a pretext to promote normalization of relations between Syria and the Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and excluding Qatar.

Now, what’s next? I expect in the coming months a meeting between President Assad and MBZ which could follow by a meeting between and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Some of you might say that Saudi Arabia is a puppet state of the US, which is true, but these states have also an existential interest in blocking the expansion of Erdogan in the Arab states, so I won’t be surprised if Saudi Arabia and the UAE support Syria’s efforts to recapture the areas occupied by Erdogan’s terrorist army in north and north-west Syria.

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